Intermetallics 2013

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

it is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the upcoming Conference Intermetallics 2013, scheduled from 30 September - 04 October 2013 at the Educational Center Kloster Banz, Germany.

The deadline for abstract submission is 15 April 2013.

Facing an increasing demand for new materials with improved properties, intermetallic-based materials offer a promising perspective. A possible combination of high strength, low density and good corrosion resistance qualifies them for structural applications, specifically at high temperatures and in severe environments. As some intermetallic phases show unique properties like shape memory and thermo electric effects or have appealing magnetic properties they are also of interest for various functional applications.

In spite of the current industrial breakthrough of intermetallic-based materials, a regular meeting covering all aspects and types of intermetallic-based materials is missing, in particular in Europe. For this purpose, DGM initiates the new bi-annual international conference Intermetallics 2013.

The choice of local organisers and members of the international advisory board guarantees not only representation of all relevant topics but also a good balance between research and application. Topics of general importance will be dealt with in a single session in the morning, while current materials, such as -TiAl, iron aluminides, silicides or NiTi-shape memory alloys, or certain aspects of intermetallics will be the subject of two specialised parallel sessions in the afternoon. A special topical session will be devoted to powder metallurgical (PM) techniques that are currently employed for processing intermetallic-based materials. A high-profile poster session will be rounding off the conference.

The conference will take place at Kloster Banz near Bamberg. The cloister is situated in a remote place above the valley of the river Main. As a well-known educational centre it is an ideal place for conferences with its good infrastructure and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, it is easily accessible from Nuremberg and Frankfurt airports.

The following subjects will be discussed:

  • Fundamentals: constitution, phase transformations, defects, diffusion, deformation mechanisms …
  • Microstructure/Properties relationships: microstructural stability and characterisation, size effects, surface effects and catalysis
  • Structural and functional properties: mechanical characterisation, magnetic properties, shape memory behaviour, superplasticity
  • Failure: fracture and crack growth
  • Environmental resistance: corrosion, coatings, environmental effects
  • Processing and joining: casting, forging, rolling, machining
  • Recent trends in alloy development and application: structural, shape memory, magnetic, optical, medical, thermoelectric, energy-storage

Contributions dealing with experiments and/or modelling of ordered intermetallic phases, intermetallic/ductile matrix composites, intermetallic-reinforced metallic alloys and novel superalloy-type systems will be considered.

Special topic

  • Powder metallurgy of intermetallics: powder production by gas atomisation and mechanical alloying, consolidation and compaction by sintering, powder injection molding, layered manufacturing, rapid prototyping and cold spraying, thermomechanical treatment, microstructure, mechanical properties, physical metallurgy of PM, PM alloy development and design, applications

The organisers invite prospective authors to submit an abstract relating to the conference topics. Abstracts should be submitted through the conference website

Please click here for downloading the Call for Abstracts. To open the abstract system please click here. The deadline for abstract submission is 15 April 2013.

Updated information is available under the conference homepage:

We would appreciate if you could promote our conference to your colleagues who might be interested in coming to Banz and contributing to the meeting.

For further information or any questions please contact the conference organisation: Conventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH, Felix Angermüller (, phone +49 (0)3641 31 16 301) or Mrs. Alexia Ploetz of the German Society of Materials Science (DGM) via

 We are looking forward to your participation and would be delighted to meet you in Banz,

 Your Intermetallics 2013 Congress Office

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